How to perform live

Performing live is an art. Not everyone has the in-built confidence to go out on a stage and take over a crowd by storm. However, these are things which can be learnt. While some introverts simply don’t want to give themselves a chance to learn to perform something in front of others; others would take centre stage and want to perform live in front of others.


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    Live performances can definitely make you excited and nervous at the same time. You simply need to channel the energy into a successful performance. Here are a few tips which may help you in performing live.

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    If you think that there are butterflies in your stomach then that is a good thing. It is not possible that someone is going to perform live in front of a crowd and they are not nervous at all. Remember: it is not going to last for long. Once you start gaining confidence on the stage, nervousness starts fading away. That’s when your energy is channelled into something else.

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    Rehearsal is absolutely necessary. You can simply not be confident about what you are about to do unless you have practiced everything before. Better the practice, better the performance. Make sure you see yourself in front of a mirror at least 10 times before you start performing on stage. This way you will know the expressions that make you look good and it will help you gain confidence.

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    At times there are a few people in the audience you are not afraid of. Start focusing on them. Just talk directly to them. This will help you gain a lot of confidence. If you have friends standing in the crowd, start talking to them and pretend that you are talking to them while you are performing.

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    People love to see performers who they can relate to. This is a fact. Don’t go overboard with your professionalism. Simply stay calm and show your human nature and human side of things. Start talking and act funny. Making other people laugh is an art that few people have. If you can master it, you will win the crowd for sure.

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    Always learn from what the crowd has to say. You will notice the atmosphere might be different from what you had planned. Simply change your plan. Start acting the way they like it and not how you practiced things. It’s called innovation and people love it.

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    After you are done with your performance, always thank the audience and the people responsible for holding the event.

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