Properly Wrap a Microphone Cable

Microphone cables can create quite a mess if not wrapped properly. Apart from the mess, disarrayed microphone cables are more prone to damage. For this reason, it is important to keep microphone cables wrapped properly. Initially, the task can be boring and might take a while; however, once you have mastered the trick, you will be able to wrap a microphone cable in the blink of an eye. A fair amount of practice and patience are the only things that are required on your part.

Things Required:

– One microphone cable (an instrument or speaker cable may be substituted)


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    Microphone cables tend to develop knots and kinks. Before starting to wrap the cable, it is wise to get rid of these kinks and knots. For heavy gauge cables, this step requires some hard work. However, wrapping the kink free cable is much easier than a kinked cable, which means you will be saving some time in the long run.

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    Hold the connector of the microphone cable firmly in the left hand and slowly pull the other end towards yourself with the right hand. Keep pulling until the cable has been extended by 15 to 18 inches. At this point, you need to make an initial twist in the cable, in such a way that the cable resembles a perfect lasso. Be sure to pull the cable with care because if you stretch it too much, you might end up damaging the wires inside the cable.

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    Start wrapping the cable with a natural flow. As you proceed, you will eventually start feeling your way through the process. Make sure that no kinks develop in the wire while you wrap it.

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    Wrapping the cable will be difficult at the start, but once you develop a smooth flow, you will be able to finish off the task fairly quickly. Continue to wrap the cable until the other end of the cable is reached. At this point, the connectors will meet each other at the opposite ends of the wrapped microphone cable.

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