How to Make Yourself Cooler

To look attractive and captivating in an instinct found in every human being. If you are good looking and adorable, you will grab the attention of more and more. If you want to see immediate results  to have a changed personality with some positivity, you have to adopt various tricks. Once you have  developed handsome and cool personality, you will see the results finding more more phone numbers, having dates with desired people and getting more and more complements. Thus you will not be required to chase the people rather they will be hunting you. Here are few suggestions which can make you looking well groomed:


  • 1

    Good posture
    First of all you need to improve your posture in order to look attractive and cool. A dull, week and lazy posture project your personality negatively to the other people and you remain ignored despite wearing expensive outfits.

  • 2

    Get physical training
    You can get some training to have a better look. Make your body healthy, build your muscles and take care of your skin by a professional. Manage your weight balanced and according to your height.

  • 3

    Be courteous
    It is said that being courteously cost nothing, but gives a lot. Try to be friendly and courteous it could win you a great fame among your colleagues. Furthermore, polite manner, light jokes, friendly gossips and words of appreciation can add value to your personality.

  • 4

    Get good hair-cut and make the shave daily
    Another easy way to look cool and captivating is that of getting good hair-cut and to make the shave daily. It will project your personality as a groomed person. The women should make their outlook good by applying light make ups daily. One can also colour his or her hair to have some change.

  • 5

    Try to be flirtatious
    Sometimes it is helpful to be flirtatious to grab the attention of others. Flirt can make you a blue eyed among the opposite sex. Remember that don’t behave in a childish yaw while being flirtatious.

  • 6

    Keep expensive cell phones/ jewelry
    You can also project your personality as a cool one by purchasing expensive cell phone. Its looks reasonably well to have precious cell phone in your hands and walking gracefully. Whereas women can attract the opposite gender while wearing jewelry.

  • 7

    Use good perfumes
    A perfume with captivating smell is very helpful to look cool. It will make your personality much haunted. At the same time, bad smell of perspiration can harm your personality.

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