How to Deal With Stress in a Monologue Audition

In performing arts, sometimes, you fail to perform confidently on stage despite several rehearsals. Mostly, this occurs when the situation gets the better of you and you start feeling stress. You have just a couple of minutes to prove yourself eligible for some role and the situation demands the originality of your thoughts and skills. Sure, even the thought of it can put you under pressure but you can handle this by following a couple of simple techniques. Remember, it is all about controlling your mind which only excels when allowed to flex freely.


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    Question yourself:

    You should ask yourself why you want to be auditioned. Are you committed enough to pursue this profession as an occupation? If the answer is a “Yes” then you can take the first step in training your mind to surpass all the hurdles, get on stage and perform without any stress.

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    Prepare for the audition:

    There is no short cut to success so you should prepare yourself to face the jury. You must memorize the monologue to avoid any fumble. Remember, sometimes you lose nerves just because you are thinking about the next dialogue. Knowing the script like a second nature will definitely boost your confidence and you will be able give the best performance.

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    Evaluate yourself:

    Stand in front of the mirror and read the script. Notice your body language and try to make amends before the audition. Sometimes, you can hide your flaws with just a perfect posture. Try to build an impressive vocal tone that can cover up even if you are stressed out.

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    Seek help from a friend:

    You should rehearse accurately in front of a friend or family member. Ask them to give honest opinion about your performance. More rehearsals mean a strong grip over your craft which will ultimately help you to stay confident on stage.

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    Imagine yourself in the auditioning room:

    You must be prepared to handle the situation if things go out of your control. The best way to prepare is to practice imagining yourself in front of judges. Remember, you can only hope for the best if you are well prepared for the worst.

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    Be in character:

    While entering in the auditioning room, you should forget yourself and be the person or character in the script.

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