How to make yourself cry

Do you want to give yourself an Oscar after you weep dramatically in front of people? Do you think that it isn’t easy to cry in front of people? Do you want to know how you can cry and make others pity you? Well, it’s easy. You just need to know the art of manipulation. These few easy steps will teach you how you can cry in front of an audience and how you can make them believe that you were crying.


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    You can start off by thinking about sad things in your life. Eventually the tears start to flow when you think about the miserable part of your life. Everyone has a past and everyone has a story; simply think about your sad story and things that make you cry. Once you are done, notice how you will start crying. In case the rivers don’t flow, at least your eyes will become watery.

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    If that doesn’t work out for you, you can always put something in your eye. Vicks or Glycerine drops can actually make a lot of difference. Simply rub menthol, Vicks or glycerine under your eyes and you will notice that your eyes become watery. Some people even opt for cutting onions as they make your eyes burn and tears start to flow. However, these two ways are not recommended as the effect varies off in a lot of time.

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    Another way to make your eyes watery is through yawning. This is the oldest trick in the book. You know how to yawn on purpose? Keep doing that. Once you are done yawning for up to three to four times, your eyes will become watery. This will definitely require a lot of practice but it eventually works out.

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    You can always hurt yourself if you think that nothing else is working out for you. This particular step is also not suggested as eventually you’ll end up getting hurt and it might just not be worth it. Several people pluck their nose hair, or use tweezers in order to hurt themselves just enough to make their eyes watery.

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    The last method is probably the easiest: just don’t cry. At times other people just need to see whether you are strong enough or not. Just don’t cry and make a miserable face showing them that you are holding something inside you. This is one way to show others you want to cry but you can’t.

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