How to Start a Hunting TV Show

Most men love the outdoors. This is particularly true when you are on a trip in the wild. They get the thrill when they come across rugged terrains and are faced with many challenges that they must overcome.

Often hunting is a part of such trips as well. It is a hobby for many and one must be careful when on a hunt to not hurt others. If you are an expert in hunting and know the tricks of the trade, you can bring it to use. If you are not camera shy, you can actually start you own show on television.


  • 1

    Be a Hunter

    You must be a hunter yourself and on top of that, one with excellent level of skills. In order to show others how it is done, you must know it in detail yourself. It will also help that you have been in many hunting trips and have faced all kinds of circumstances. The more you have faced the hardships, the better you will be able to guide others.

  • 2

    Know the Essentials

    Being a hunter, you obviously know which essentials will be needed. But be sure that you know how to use these essentials and what their details are. Being able to communicate about the essentials of hunting will also help your cause.

  • 3

    Have a Charming Personality

    You really do not need to be wearing a three piece suit or having a fine shave in a hunting show. You should still be presentable and be able to charm people. This will come with how you talk and explain as to how interesting you make it for the audiences. Speaking in an appropriate manner will help you win the hearts of your audiences.

  • 4

    Make a Tape

    Make a demo tape of a hunting trip and explain all the matters as you would do in your programme. This is important as if you are going to be doing it for TV, they should first have some evidence that you can do it. Try more than once before making the final video as you should be improving with every recording.

  • 5

    Spread It Around

    Once you have a tape that you feel is good enough, send it to as many television channels as you can. You are likely going to get some offers if you have the skills but you will have to wait. You can also put it on video sharing websites and millions around the world can see your show. If you do not get an immediate offer from the television channels, you can start an amateur show on the internet and build your audience from there. You should make it to the big leagues soon.

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