How to Generate Magazine Article Ideas

You can find many articles writing ideas around you with a little bit of search and thinking. It can be your garden that you can pitch your idea for a magazine article. It can be a special recipe that you think can attract readers. It can be some new furniture in the market that you have just bought, or it can be managing your kids activities. So think of something unique that you can write about in the local magazine. Or else, you can think of something ordinary but with your writing skills you can make it unique for the readers.


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    Start At Home

    If you want to think of magazine article idea, the better place is your home; your garden, your kitchen, your shopping, spying on your hubby and managing your kids. Find something different from those articles that cover the pages of your local magazine every now and then. If you have creative writing skills, you can even make an ordinary idea readable for the local readers.

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    Think of Your Neighbours' Routine

    You can imagine or spot something unique in routine activity of your neighbours and people around them. It is possible that they are selective in shopping, they have bought a classic car or they refurbish their home on their own and within little budget. There can be many things that cross your mind on a daily basis or you look at them and ignore them. By thinking carefully you can turn them into great magazine article ideas.

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    You can think of ideas around something at your workplace. If you are a woman and find it very hard to feel comfortable working among your male bosses or subject to any sort of discrimination, you can write about it. Try to base the article as a general piece, not specifically to your case.

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    Passion and Hobbies

    You can even pitch your article on your passion, passion of your family and neighbours. It can be about anything. For example, you can write about sport, you can write about cooking and you can write about maintenance of your home. You can even write about how difficult you find to meet both ends within your limited budget and amid increasing inflation.

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