How to Do the Tribeca Film Festival Like a VIP

The Tribeca Film Festival is one of the most popular film festivals in the world as there are a large number of celebrities who attend this event. The event is held in New York at Downtown Manhattan. The Film Festival was founded in the year 2002 and has grown to become one of the best festivals in the country since then. There are many ways through which you can attend the event like a star. The best possible way is to get an all-access pass or buy an entertainment package. You can also visit the festival lounge and private parties.


  • 1

    Get the all-access pass

    This pass may cost you a few bucks but it will give you access to virtually everything. You can visit special screenings of your favourite movies at the festival and also attend parties from different celebrities and production houses. You can also visit any gigs in the Festival lounge if there are any with this pass.

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    Buy an entertainment package

    You may have access to virtually everything with the all-access pass but there are still some places or events which you may be unable to attend. However, if you get an entertainment package, you will be able to get access to everything. This will include opening night celebrations and a visit to the red carpet show of different movies.

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    Visit the Festival Lounge

    You must visit the Festival Lounge in order to get the true feel of the event. There are various artists performing in this lounge. You can simply enter the lounge by showing your all-access badge.

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    Private parties

    You need to visit any private parties that are being held at the event. You may not enter with an all-access badge as these are private parties. So, try to develop a good rapport with event planners to make sure you can get access to these parties.

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    Interact with celebrities

    There should be good interaction with celebrities at the event. This will increase your rapport in the film industry and you can remain connected with the media circle.

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