The Real Deal on Being a JeopardyContestant

So You Think That You Want To Be a Jeopardy Contestant?

Faithful viewers have tuned their television sets since 1964 to hear Alex Trebek say “This is Jeopardy”, and most of those viewers have wished that they could personally participate in the popular gameshow. So you think that you want to be a Jeopardy contestant? Fine, but you had better come prepared for the testing process with your thinking cap firmly in place as becoming a contestant is not an easy ordeal. The test requires that you answer fifty questions in approximately 10 minutes, and if you respond incorrectly before the time runs out on the clock, which is a generous 15 seconds per question, you cannot go back and answer again. While it isn’t necessary to be a genius to be a success at Jeopardy, it definitely does help to have some knowledge of several categories. The testing process is only the half of it, you still may or may not make it to the mock Jeopardy round which further tests your game playing skills, nope, it is at this point that your name is put into a pool, but only after you have successfully completed your testing phase.

Jeopardy Isn’t Easy

Jeopardy is one of the hardest game shows on the air, and getting a future spot on it may prove to be just as competitive as the game itself. The producers of Jeopardy in no way guarantee that you will be a contestant on a future show even if you pass the initial testing phase, followed by a successful round of the short version of Jeopardy. Prospective contestants are videotaped through the beginning processes, and the producers keep an active file and call candidates as they are needed for the show. Personality is key when it comes to their selections, and you are given a personality test after you have completed the first two phases of testing. The producers want to be sure that contestants can handle specific skills and behaviors without falling apart, and they seek personalities that will stand out on the show.

Where Does Jeopardy Find Their Tough Questions?

The Clue Crew of course! This group of six intelligent full time researchers with various educational backgrounds are part of the Jeopardy team, and they literally travel to the ends of the Earth to find fascinating facts about history, cultures, and unique subject matter that will entertain the viewing audience while tantalizing the minds of the highly intelligent contestants.

Jeopardy Testing Is Now Available Online

Jeopardy not only stays current with their subject content, they have also managed to stay current with the changing times. The testing process is now accessible online. You also have a few choices when it comes to a city closer to home where the show will be taped on future dates. This was not always the case. At one time Jeopardy was only available to residents of California. Now with their own web site being launched, and kept up to date, you can find out where the testing will be held as Jeopardy now travels. The web site is available at:

Preparing Yourself to Be a Jeopardy Contestant

Jeopardy draws in 12 million viewers daily as wanna be contestant’s try their hand at answering the tough questions presented to the television contestants. The best way to prepare for the actual show itself is to review any and all old material on every subject possible. Of course this is boring, but the point of going on Jeopardy is too win, and how badly do you want too win? Then you must study until your brain actually hurts. Of course there are certain subjects that come up on Jeopardy frequently, so its best to become very familiar with state and world capitals; U.S. presidents, such as order, years of office, and biographies; state nicknames; and Shakespeare’s plays, including basic plot lines and major characters. It’s also smart to go through a book of biographies to learn about the lives of significant people, as this type of information makes up a huge amount of Jeopardy’s material. It also wouldn’t hurt to catch up on your history, geography, literature, mythology, artists, composers, religions, and languages. These are the academic categories that are very much a part of the Double Jeopardy round. If you’re weak in one of these areas, study, and bring yourself current on these.

The Registration Process

Registering for Jeopardy is the easy part, but if you have already taken the online test at, then you are already registered. If you do not wish to pursue being a contestant this way then you can register online at
By answering some personal questions, followed by choosing a location for your audition. You are not eligible for auditions if you have already appeared on Jeopardy or if you have completed testing within one year of registering again. You also must be eighteen unless you are auditioning for the college, teens or kid shows.

Just for Fun

The game of Jeopardy is available online so that you can test your skills or perhaps prepare yourself to be a future contestant on Jeopardy. If you are ready for the challenge of traditional Jeopardy or the new rock & roll version, just visit

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