How to Make Yourself Have a Lucid Dream

Lucid Dreaming is intentionally being conscious within your dream. When you are dreaming at night and you become aware that you are dreaming you can be able to have command on your dreams and its directions. Lucid dreaming can assist with frequent nightmares, talking with loved ones who are not alive now, stress and problem solving. It can be a thrilling experience and the emotion of excitement as its impact can remain in your mind for days after your initial few lucid dreams.


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    Try to memorize your everyday dreams.

    A lot of people consider that they don’t dream, but it’s wrong, everybody dreams, as long as you may not remember them but you still dream. In order to start memorizing your dreams practice this simple method.

    Each night before going to sleep say again and again ‘I will keep in mind my dreams after I wake up’. Say this phrase repeatedly until you go to sleep, after some days you can be able to keep in mind your regular dreams.

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    Maintain a dream diary

    This can be monotonous but this effort will be very beneficial. Yet writing some small sentences about your dream will be enough. This will help in making you the habit of memorizing your regular dreams and to set you up looking for dream signs in your dreams. It can also be a method to examine your thought mechanisms.

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    Identify your dream symptoms

    Many of your regular dreams will contain a lot of things or people in them that could work as a sign to you to be conscious in your dreams.

  • 4

    Observe your waking world

    In order to be alert in your dream world shows you have to be alert in your waking world. Although it means intentionally alert, if you begin to intentionally alert in the world all around you, you cab be able to take this into your world of dream.

  • 5

    Inquire yourself; ‘Am I dreaming?’

    Ask yourself a question ‘Am I dreaming?’ your answer is for sure to say no, obviously you are not dreaming. How do you know? Don’t say; because I know, make an effort and imagine about why you are not dreaming. This will again take you into your world of dream and you will inquire the similar questions in your dreams which can eventually evolve into a lucid dream.

  • 6

    Your initial lucid dream

    So many people have their initial lucid dream just by reading about it. You might discover that you become very amazed and be unable to have a lucid dream although; your initial lucid dream will remain in your mind for long time.

  • 7

    Keep lucid

    You can experience that you are dropping your lucidity you can speak to yourself to stay yourself cool down and begin noticing the things around you in your dream. This is the technique of paying attention on staying lucid.

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