How to Search the Movie Title Index

The sea of information on the internet is expanding and it has become extremely easy to look for things that were hard to reach few years ago. Finding a film title index is also not that difficult now. Of course, you will be required to follow certain instructions to perform this task in a short period of time. There are many resources on the internet that can be used to find a movie title index. Plot line, character’s name or year of the movie, you can find movies of your choice using online libraries and search engines.


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure that you have access to a fast internet connection. Furthermore, your computer should have the technical specifications to run heavy applications. Turn on your computer; enter your control panel username and password to access the desktop area. In the Start Up menu, locate the internet browser. Click on it and then type in the web address in the URL section usually found at the top left of the window.

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    Now consider searching for IMDb in the search bar. The website URL link results will be displayed by the search engine. Navigate to the website. Find the search bar on the main page and type in the term relevant to the movie title. As soon as you search the input value, a list of results will be displayed for you. Remember that the search term keyword can either be the name of an actor, quote from the movie or title of the movie. Using advanced search options, you may also choose the category such as Character, TV show or All. Click the movie title to be able to see the details such as year of release and cast.

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    Google itself can also be used to find a movie title index. Simply, type the keyword from the movie title, actor’s name or a quote in the Google Search bar to see the results. Again, review the results and click the link that seems to be the most relevant.

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    You can also use Library of Congress Catalog to perform this task. Navigate to the official website and enter the keyword in the Quick Search box. Again, you can select the most relevant category from the drop down menu to see the most relevant results for your search.

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