How to Write a Short Film

It is possible to go on and destroy a great screenplay; however, it is impossible to turn a poorly written script into a great movie. This is why it is important to realize that in order to create any good short movie, you need to start by writing it down properly. Short films have their own fair share of issues when compared to normal movies. This is because they have their own set of challenges, such as a tight budget. However, in order to write a good short movie, you need to put in a lot of effort and ensure that the final script is worth turning into an actual film.


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    You should begin with reading a few screenplays for movies. These are going to act as your reference points. You can figure out just how the experts write their pieces, and learn from them. They will also tell you how to line up transitions, where to place dialogues and what locations to choose for certain scenes. Once you do all of this, it is going to make it a lot easier for the rest of the crew.

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    Once you have done your fair share of research, you need to come up with a beginning, middle and end to your movie. Short movies can be about anything; however, it is preferable if you write a story which involves a situation which people can relate to. Try to ensure that what you are writing will have a dramatic appeal to it.

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    Now you need to list down all the characters in your movie. You need to list down your cast and crew, and any extras who might influence the story.

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    After you have gone on to list down all the people in the story, go on and outline the whole movie briefly. You should have an opening, a part that kicks the movie into motion and takes the viewer on a journey, and finally a conclusion. Short movies need to be timed, so that the movie kicks into the fifth gear much sooner as compared to a feature length film.

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    Based on the outline, go on and start writing your script. Each page that you write will be roughly one, or one and a half minute on screen, so keep this in mind. There is no rule which states how long or short the short movie should be. However, try to be as effective with your story telling as you can be.

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