Unraveling the Face of Angelina Jolie: Finding Meaning Behind the Features

Unraveling the Face of Angelina Jolie: Finding Meaning Behind the Features

The face of Angelina Jolie has graced countless covers of US and International magazines. Needless to say, she has mass appeal. It can even be said that she single handedly established the beauty trend for pouty lips. Her beauty is renowned, but we can also find deeper meaning behind the unique combination of facial features with the ancient principles of Chinese face reading.

The Ears
Angelina Jolie’s ears are distinctly higher than most, on the same level as her eyebrows. When a person has ears that are on the level or higher than the eyebrows, he or she is protected from destitution. That is they will always have food in their stomach and clothes on their back. Whether or not her movies make millions, Angelina will always be comfortable when it comes to money.

If you can find a profile of her picture, pay attention to the shape of her ears, more specifically, the lobe area. It is triangular; the ear lobe does not hang, but rather goes straight down to her jaw. The Chinese texts call this a ‘chicken beak lobe’. This type of lobe indicates that her family situation is more complicated, and her relationship with her parents is rocky. This is shown by her turbulent relationship with her father, Jon Voight. Furthermore, it indicates her childhood, in general, was a troubled one.

The position of her ears is a good one; however, notice the inner ear cartilage sticks out from the outline of the ear. This negates the good position of the ear and indicates a troubled childhood before the age of 14. In addition, it means Angelina had trouble with her academic education.

It is a little bit difficult to discern the shade and color of her ears with the advent of makeup and flash photography. However, in certain candid and red carpet photographs, you can tell that the color of her ears is lighter than that of her face. When the ear is lighter than the face, it means this person will be famous and very popular.

The Upper Part of the Face

Angelina’s forehead is high and shaped almost like a rectangle. This indicates she had better luck from 15 to 30. Help will also come in the form of her elders, opening more opportunities for her. This is also the period she started to making more movies.

In addition, the space between her eyebrows is optimal, about a finger and a half in width. This indicates no matter what turbulences this person encounters, they will always get back up, and someone will be there to lend a hand.

As for Angelina’s eyes, they are inset, which means she tends to worry, even though on the surface she’s happy. She likes to help people but people don’t know how to help her because she keeps her worries to herself. From the age of 35 to 40, she will probably encounter turbulence in her family.

The Middle Part of the Face
The nose is straight, it means Angelina will say whatever she wants to say. She also has drive, and once she’s committed to something, she will give it her all. She’s also independent and looks at things her own way. From 41 to 50, she will peak in her professional life.

The high cheekbones indicates she likes to have control over others and she has the power to exercise that control.

The Lower Part of the Face
Angelina’s lip crease, the space between her nose and lips, starts out narrow and widens as it reaches the mouth. This is an ideal type of lip crease. It indicates she will have a good relationship with her children.

Her mouth is a generous size, bigger than most, which means she won’t have a calm and smooth sailing relationship with her parents. Women with bigger mouths are independent and will go after whatever they want. In the old text, this was described as making their men poor.

Arguably, the most prominent of Angelina’s face is her lips. Unfortunately, the old texts do not have the records to explain the pouty lips because it didn’t appear as frequently in the old days. Thus, in describing what Angelina’s lips mean, we only take the more recent observations. Generally, it means she loves her freedom and dislike being tied down.

The shape of her chin is not too pointed or too straight, thus it means she’s more open-minded. She has her own principles, but isn’t stubborn to a fault. There’s also a slight curve to her chin. This means she likes to help people without any strings attached. She’s doesn’t expect anything, she just wants to help.

From Angelina’s face, we can see that she had a rough childhood and her relationship with her parents is unstable. Fortunately, her face also indicates she won’t be repeating that type of relationship with her own children. We can also see that she likes to help others without asking anything in return, and she will speak her mind when it suits her.

Thus, her facial features display more than beauty, but also what she’s been through and what she will go through in her life. All this is based on the elementary rules of Chinese face reading. It was all written on her face.

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