How to Perform a Chandelle

A chandelle is basically a turn by an aircraft. The aircraft makes a steep climb during the flight and the basic purpose is to alter the direction and also to gain the altitude. There are a few guidelines that need to be taken into account when performing a chandelle. First of all, the altitude has to be checked to make sure it is above the limit set by FAA regulations. You need to have the information on the speed and the air traffic also. The next step would be to pick a reference line and begin the climbing manoeuvre. Finally, return to cruise speed.


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    Check Altitude

    You must check the altitude before you perform a chandelle. Determine whether the altitude is above 1,500 feet or not as it is per the FAA regulations. Anything under this height is not acceptable as it may be dangerous.

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    Check traffic and speed

    One of the most important things to take notice is the speed of the aircraft and the traffic around. You must not exceed the maximum speed of the aircraft as that can be dangerous considering weight changes with speed. It is also crucial that you check the traffic around your aircraft before you perform the chandelle. Check the traffic above and below your aircraft as it can be extremely dangerous to perform the chandelle if you ignore this fact.

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    Reference line

    You need to pick a reference line that has to be parallel to wind when you perform the chandelle. When you cross the reference line, start the chandelle. You have to bank on the wind to start the turn and make sure the turn is not more than 30 degrees.

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    Start the climbing manoeuvre

    You must apply the elevator pressure to start the climbing manoeuvre. Apply constant speed and to climb when making the turn. It is good to apply full power if you have a fixed pitch propeller and increase RPM to takeoff in case of a constant speed propeller.

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    Return to cruise speed

    Start rolling at a constant rate and maintain a constant speed until you reach your desired level. After that, return to cruise speed.

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