Reasons to Dance in Arizona

Learning to Dance in the Valley of the Sun is open to many options. Looking in the yellow pages for dance in Arizona gives you a list of two hundred and twenty six dance companies and fifty schools of dance. You can find all types of dance including Ballet, Ballroom, Polynesian, Swing and Tap just to name a few. Dancing allows one to be expressive which is apparent by the variety of options available in Arizona. Finding a dance studio or school is easy to do; so is finding the reason to dance.

Dance is freedom. Freedom to express emotions, feelings and artistic expression. A ballerina is poetry in motion. Ballet is graceful and powerful at the same time. Watching a ballerina is like watching a beautiful swan slowly approach a country pond yearning for a drink. They arch and jump and spin without loosing balance or direction. Ballerinas train for years to make the motions they go through look effortless. Planning and setting the choreography for a dance allows one to express feelings in a beautiful way.

Dance is romantic. Having a date with your spouse or significant other is important. Learning to dance together is not only a fun date but it allows you to be close and work together. Ballroom and swing dancing is popular Learning how your partner moves can be very beneficial and exciting not to mention romantic. Envision soft music in the background as you twist and turn on a pier that overlooks the ocean while you are holding your love’s hand. Life is busy but committing even just one hour a week to dance lessons will enhance your relationship.

Dance is healthy. Moving rapidly across the floor for several minutes at a time is quite a workout. Gyms across the United States use dance as a way to attract people to the aerobics classes. Going to a class at a studio or going to the gym will keep you motivated. You can meet people who have the same interests you do or in aerobics class you can work hard at obtaining the body the tireless instructor sports. Dance tapes sell to all those who want to lose weight while working out in the privacy of their own home.

Dance is fun. Children can start with tumbling and tap to learn about rhythm, balance and an overall appreciation for dance. Dance will give them exercise and help them build self confidence. Building leadership skills and learning how to follow directions help parents at home too. Adults have fun when they dance too. Learning to dance at a local studio is fun but getting costumes for dance competitions allows you to go wild. Show your flair and dare to be different. Practicing is the hard part, dressing how you want to dress for your moment in the spot light is fun.

Dance is all around us. Some people say they don’t dance. Some of us dance just to let loose or help our loved ones laugh and relax. We all have dancing inside of us and we all like to dance. In your room or at a dance hall it is all the same. If you have a love for dance and want an easy way to spend time with your loved one while getting exercise; search the yellow pages under dance. They are waiting for you.

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