How to Audition For a Musical

Auditioning for a musical is very tricky. If you think that you are a good singer, that does not necessarily mean that you may be selected for the audition. There are many things you need to take care of when you are giving an audition.

The most important thing is to choose the correct song which is within your voice range and pitch. You must be confident and unique to the other candidates who are auditioning for the musical.  However, do not be over confident and be prepared for the worst when you are waiting for the results.


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    Choose the song wisely

    This is probably the most important thing when you are in for an audition. You need to choose the song wisely. Select a song that is within your voice range and reflects your pitch. You should choose a song that you can freely sing and in which you do not have any problems. Also, try to choose a song that is according to the theme of the audition and suits your voice.

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    Be confident

    You need to be confident throughout the course of your audition. Judges generally look for two things in an audition, the voice and the confidence. If you are not singing that well, you can still cover up by showing good confidence in front of the judges. Try not to take any pressure as that can ruin your audition.

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    Be unique

    Uniqueness is key. You must be different to the other candidates that are auditioning with you. Try not to take too many chances in the audition as that can cost you a place in the next round. Choose a unique style and song that brings freshness to the stage as judges get irritated with the same style of candidates.

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    Be prepared for the worst

    You must be prepared for all scenarios in the audition. Even if you have had a great audition, be prepared for the worst as there is great competition in the music field and there may be candidates who are better than you.

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