How to Film a News Package Video

If you dream of becoming a news reporter or producer, you are required to master the art of news packaging. It is the key to be successful in the field of media.

Even if you have read all the theory about this topic, you cannot become a good producer or reporter until you do it practically.

You may find this very tricky in the beginning, but with practice you can accomplish this task. It is not an easy job though. It needs great determination and hard work to put together all the important elements, such as interviews, secondary footage, voice over and script on a tight schedule.


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    First of all, you need to select the topic for your news package. Choose the most unique one that has not been covered before. You may have been assigned a topic by the senior producer.

    If you have been assigned a topic, do all the relevant research. The topic may have been covered by another reporter in the past. Watch his/her work and identity the areas that he/she did not highlight. This will help you prepare an entirely different story.

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    After doing all the relevant research, decide on the angle you want to use to cover the story. You will find everything getting all messed up, if you try to include every bit of information.

    As a good reporter, you are supposed to think out of the box and look for a unique angle that turns even a common story into a hit one.

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    After identifying the relevant person's, conduct their interviews one by one. When setting up an interview, don’t forget to ask full name of the person and how does he/she spell it.

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    It is the time to shoot the relevant footage. Direct your cameraman to take footage from different angles. The length of the footage depends on the actual duration of your package. There is no need to shoot any extra shot. However, if you have enough time for editing, shoot at least 30 minutes of b-roll footage for a 2-minute story.

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    The next step is writing the script. Make it as catchy as possible. Then, record voice-over purely based on the footage that you have captured. The audio engineer in the recording studio will help you ensure the best microphone levels.

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    The final step is editing the news package. Once done, you can show it to your senior who may ask you to add or cut any portion.

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