How to Make a Storyboard for a Music Video

If you are confused what a storyboard is, it is basically a visual draft for a story. In this scenario, you will be visualising the story for a music video. You will be using visuals to dictate whatever music is being played. Moreover, you will also be telling a story through those visuals and the music being played will be backing the story that you are using as visuals. When you are writing down a storyboard, it will basically give you an outline surrounding the video of the audio that you are trying to make. You don’t have to stick to a single storyboard and you can always revise it whenever you are stuck, or don’t find it suitable enough.


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    Start off by printing the lyrics of the song that you want to visualize for. These lyrics will, in the future, help you make the storyboard as you will be basing most of your story on the lyrics at hand. In case you can’t find the lyrics of the song, you can always search the internet and then get them printed.

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    After you are done with getting the printout of the song at hand, it is time for you to listen to the song for at least 5 to 10 times. This will help you understand the tempo, the beat and the rhythm of the song that you are trying to tackle. This really matters as the story will not only represent the lyrics, but also the tempo, beat and rhythm of the song.

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    After you have fully understood the pattern and the music of the song, it is time for you to download and print a lot of copies of the blank storyboard which is mostly available on the internet and you can easily search for it. Make sure that the storyboard is blank.

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    Now you have to go through the song once again. It will help you understand each and every musical instrument which is being played in it. That really helps once you are trying to set the mood right.

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    Now the storyboard that you have, start to sketch a scene on it and make sure that it is according to the music and the lyrics at hand.

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    Now once you are done with making the storyboard, go through it and make sure that each and everything that you have sketched is portraying the same message which you wanted it to.

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    Now use different transitions between scenes and present the story to your friends and family so they can give you the perfect feedback.

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