New Television Network Featuring Crossover Shows

A new television network: The City.

Network television makes a big deal out of show crossovers, characters from one show placed in another show. Viewers enjoy the shows, especially if they’re involved in the characters. What about a whole network of nothing but crossover shows?

Take a city, say San Francisco, using it as the back drop for all the genre shows. There’s a police drama, a hospital drama, a crime-fighting-science show, several comedies where the characters interact with the police show (the town’s redneck keeps getting arrested) or the hospital show (a teen from the family drama shows up without parents for treatment). The science fiction show could be one of the daydreams of a kid from one of the sitcoms. The home and garden show is from a bored, lonely housewife wanting to be noticed but since her husband works in the science lab solving crimes all the time she’s left to cope all on her own.

Each show could stand on its own but the element of television intimacy is added when you watch the shows and see characters popping in for their tangent storyline.

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