My idea is to take a used for sale car wash, and use it as a rent a garage buisness. The different ports can be rented out to people that may live in apartments and are not allowed to work on thier cars, or folks that have no level carport of thier own to use. Instead of using a busy auto store parking lot, they can drive to a rent a garage station and pull up with thier own tools and fix thier vehicle on the go.

That is the basics of the idea. We can always add a small auto part shop to it, or one or two oil pits for needing to work under a car. Oil pit would be less liable than a car lift. The idea is to take care of things on the go, so we may need to charge by the hour. Absolutely no overnighters permitted for this. There are so many ways this can be done. I just wanted to share the basic idea. The fee should be low and make it up in quantity. We supply the shelter and the floor. I dont know all the legal stuff but hope the idea works. I just wanted to give the people a place to work on thier cars.

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