How to Form a Female Rock Band

Female Rock Bands have gained huge popularity following the start of the 21st century. Popular female rock bands include Evanescence, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Paramore and Halestorm. This rising trend of female lead vocalists in rock bands have attracted a huge following and the serenity of female vocals mixed with the loud sound of drums and guitar appears to be an emphatic combination for its listeners. Forming a female rock band for performing cover songs is not a hard task, provided you have the basic know how to do so.


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    The first and foremost step that you need to consider before you decide to go on making a Female Rock Band is whether you have the right musicians to do that. Your band should include a line of really good musicians who should know how to play well and improvise while performing. These band members would be the cause for creating good music which would be eventually supported by the vocals of your lead female singer. If you do not have good musicians, look for some. Advertise that on social networking platforms such as Facebook, or ask your friends if they know people who can play well and are looking to form a band. Note, it’s important to have good band members to lure a good singer to join your band.

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    Look for a lead female vocalist who has the strength and versatility in her vocals to make your band sound good. She would be the voice of your music and therefore, you should be very choosy in selecting which female artists would you like to represent your band. Set up for auditions at your place or a garage where you do your gigs. Make sure you advertise the position through your friends and other people you know around the neighborhood who can recommend a few good artists.

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    Make sure that your band has the necessary chemistry required to play along. If someone has got social issues or isn’t doing well with other band member, you might just have to drop him out of the band because it’s a team effort and you can’t afford that to be sabotaged by a single individual.

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    Once your band is good to go, look for the songs that you want to play for your covers. While choosing your songs, make sure that the band members are comfortable in performing them. Try out the famous hits as most people know these songs due to their popularity.

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    Select your inspiration that have led you to create a band. Pick an artist or two, if you must, and follow their lead. These artists or bands tend to have a major influence on your music.

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    Creating good music is one thing, but making people hear it is another. Book a gig at a nearby garage or club to perform your cover songs. A band is not considered to be a good band if it doesn’t have a following, so start with live performances. A good show will definitely spread the word of mouth about your band. And who knows, you might even go mainstream one day.

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