How do You Learn To Play Guitar and Sing at the Same Time

Playing any musical instrument is an art. It requires years of practice to perfect this art no matter what equipment you carry. One of the most popular music equipments is the guitar, as one can carry it anywhere with ease and play multiple compositions by learning a few easy chords.

However, singing while playing the guitar can be quite tricky. Even if one misses a single note, there will be a lot of confusion. As a result, one might have to face a lot of embarrassment in front of friends and family.


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    Learn playing the basic chords

    If you are aware of how to play the basic chords, you will be able to play thousands of songs on them. However, they too are not easy and demand quite a lot of practice. Therefore, take out at least a couple of hours for practicing, especially if you are new to learning music. Once you have memorised the chords, you will have to shift them between songs, which is also quite tricky. However, this can be achieved through dedication and hard work.

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    Choose your favourite song

    There are millions of songs, which can be played on the guitar. However, you should not opt for the difficult ones in the beginning, as that will be confusing for you. It is better to start off with songs that can be played easily. For example, one of the most popular songs of legendary singer Johnny Cash, hurt, does not require complex chords, so you can select that for your comfort.

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    Don’t pick the difficult chords

    There are some chords, which even the professionals don’t like playing. For example the ‘F’ chord is quite complex and you should not even think about playing it in the first few months. Once your hands start moving smoothly on the guitar, you can start practicing the difficult songs too.

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    Learn the lyrics of your song

    You should cram the lyrics of your favourite song in order to sing it properly on the guitar. This is very important, as forgetting even a single word will cause too many problems for you, especially when you are facing a crowd.

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    Listen to the original carefully

    Although you might have heard to the original song on a thousand times, listen to it again, but this time for learning purposes. This way, you will be able to understand how the singer actually synchronised with the composition.

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