How to Dance Like a Stripper

You are bored at home with your boyfriend and everyday is becoming monotonous for you guys. It is reducing the love as well. It is high time to do something that will surprise your boyfriend and reengage his concentration towards you. However, it can always backfire as well because the reaction of boyfriend can always swing two ways for something unique. You want to dance like a stripper? It is a very lethal act and might lure your partner into some naughty or drag his attention away from you because of your mischievous moves.


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    You need to find the clothing that will look like a stripper. You need to find small clothing like short skirts, tube tops, low cut tops or neon top. However, you need to wear a layer of clothing so that you can strip one or two layers without unleashing your wonder zones explicitly. Keep in mind that you are doing it for your boyfriend so you need not to be indecent in mind. This is just once in a while performance so you better not spoil your entire relationship by doing something that will displease your boyfriend.

  • 2

    Find high heels that are outrageously tall. You shouldn’t choose the one that you usually use to wear; they should be different and must amuse your partner.

  • 3

    Appear in front of the boy in a surprising way. While he is still getting amused by your outfit and the way of walk, jerk him back a little and push him towards the nearest sofa, couch or bed. You need to be careful that you don’t hurt him in the process. Just be gentle and naughty.

  • 4

    Turn on the naughty music on. Start moving your hips and make a round with them in an air. Start to remove the layer of clothing slowly and gradually but don’t stop gyrating your buttocks. The flow of your butt swings should flow with the music and once you are done removing the layers of cloth, stop at the last layer.

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    Start touching your boy friend and lean on to kiss him but then pull out at the last extent. Never make an eye contact because it is romantic and not-stripper type. Keep doing what you are doing for a while or until the music lasts.

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