List of Hindu Mandirs in Ottawa

Ottawa offers local and visiting followers of the Hindu faith with a small collection of temples, known as Mandirs for them to congregate, worship and pray.

A common characteristic of most Mandirs is their dedication to a presiding deity as well as other related deities. Oftentimes, the Mandir will have several “murties” (statues) of said deities.

The following list provides detailed information on all of the area’s Hindu Mandirs for followers of the faith as well as those looking to learn more about one of the world’s oldest religions which originated on the Indian subcontinent.


  • 1

    Hindu Temple of Ottawa-Carleton

    Opened in 1989, this Mandir serves the area’s estimated 6000 Hindus representing a temple, cultural hub and community centre. The Mandir also has various halls and libraries as well as 9 shrines. If you want to learn about Hinduism then this is definitely the place for you to visit. They can answer any questions that you might have regarding this religion. If you practice the Hindu faith then this Mandir is a great place for you to visit and worship at. The facilities are of the highest quality and you will find a massive community of other Hindus that you can meet and network with. You can also avail the community based services that they offer.

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    Vishva Shakti Durga Mandir

    Created and incorporated in 1997, this Mandir strives to serve the cultural and religious needs of local and visiting Hindus. Daily prayers are held at this downtown location. If you are visiting the area then you will definitely want to visit this beautiful Mandir. You will meet many Hindus from around the area and you can also check out their various community services which they offer. If you are interested in Hinduism then this is a great place to visit as they will be able to handle all of your questions and queries.

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    Ottawa Sivan Temple

    Created and administered by the local Tamil community, this Temple provides opportunity for the community to learn about Hindu culture, spirituality, philosophies, traditions and the path to self-discipline, moral values in the attempt to create better people in society. If you want to learn more about Hinduism this is a very good place to start. They can provide you will all the necessary materials and you can take a look around at the excellent facilities that they offer the faithful. There are many Hindus that attend their services and they have some excellent community services which they offer.

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