Paintball Fields in Ottawa

Paintball is a competitive sport in which teams or individuals compete against one another by eliminating their opponents with dye-filled pellets fired from a specialized gun. The sport has grown tremendously in popularity since its inception in the early 1980’s, along with activities like rock-climbing and laser tag. Although the intent is not to injure the opponent, the pellets can be painful from a close range or if shot repeatedly. It is therefore a requirement that helmets and other protective gear be worn while competing.

Paintball is a fun and unique way to organize a get-together or an event – the activity is popularly played by groups of friends and families, and can also serve as the main event at occasions like birthday parties or bachelor parties. It is also often played as a part of corporate events. For those living in and around the Ottawa area, there are a number of paintball facilities to choose from.


  • 1

    Ottawa X-Treme Paintball

    This facility offers paintballing near the Stittsville area of Ottawa. The charges are $50 per person for the day with lunch included, and $45 per person for the day with lunch excluded.

  • 2

    Tactik Paintball

    Located across the Ottawa River, this outdoor complex has more than 6 exciting fields to choose from, such as the plane, the lab, the city, the train, Black Valley, and the cartel.

  • 3

    Battlefield Paintball

    This facility is located near the 417 highway, and also offers a wide selection of fields to choose from.

  • 4

    Real Deal Paintball Corporation

    True to their name, this facility offers high quality and competitive paintballing. Real Deal is approximately 35 minutes from downtown Ottawa, and only 25 minutes from Kanata. The facility is well worth the drive.

  • 5

    Marked Paintball and Laser Tag

    With a focus on keeping costs low and fun high for their customers, this facility was established in 2007, and is conveniently located 25 minutes from Ottawa. There are a number of packages and rates you can choose from, depending on the number of members in your group, and what sort of an experience you are after.

  • 6

    Tag Zone

    Established in 1998, this facility has been a popular place for birthday parties and events in Ottawa. This is an indoor facility.

  • 7

    Commando Paintball

    Open 7 days a week from March to November (weather permitting), this facility is located just outside the Ottawa area, and is available by reservation only.

  • 8

    Paintball Paradise

    Another solid paintball field located in Ottawa, PBP is known as a facility that is well worth the drive, as it offers 45 acres of open space.

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