Best Music Stores in Montreal

I don’t think so there is anybody in this world who is not fond of music, the elegant rhythm of violin or the hard rock thunder of a bass guitar you can easily get dragged away if a perfect rhythm is played. There are several shops in every city which not only sell the musical CD’s but the instruments as well, few sell brand new items and few sell second hand. Likewise other cities Montreal also have different music shops which are facilitating the music lovers and top artist by selling them perfect quality musical instruments.


  • 1

    Boutique Tone not only provides its customers with music CD’s, but they also sell musical instruments like guitars amplifiers and basses.

    Boutique Tone
  • 2

    Magasin De Musique Steve's has a complete variety of musical instruments which includes DJ equipments as well. If you are looking for guitar effects, bass guitars or drums set do pay a visit over here.




    Magasin De Musique Steve's
  • 3

    Moog Audio Inc has a complete computer recording setup along with live sound and rental department. Besides all this they also sell musical instruments like DJ gear, bass, amps and guitars.

    Moog Audio Inc
  • 4

    Archambault, is a retailer store that sells musical CDs along with musical instruments like guitars and various other stringed instruments.


  • 5

    Drum Guitar Plus, not only sell new items but they also have a variety of second hand musical instruments which are of good quality.

    Drum Guitar Plus
  • 6

    Nantel Musique, also have an online music store besides their outlet. You can easily see the rates of each item present at their store and buy any of your choice.

    Nantel Musique
  • 7

    Italmelodie Montreal, has its distinctive importance because they also trade and rent musical instruments along with sound equipments.

    Italmelodie Montreal
  • 8

    Cheap Thrills have collection of old and new books along with music CDs, record store, new and used vinyl.

    Cheap Thrills
  • 9

    Jack's Musique, along with brand new items they also sell second hand items, but they have loads of varieties of guitar which includes electric bass and other types of instruments.

    Jack's Musique
  • 10

    L'original International has variety of international musical instrument and most of them are from the middle east zone.

    L'original International

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