Best Dutch Restaurants in Montreal

Dutch being the native language of many countries which includes Netherland, Belgium, Germany has earned huge fame in many aspects and the category of food also comes in it. Montreal is the second biggest city of Canada which consists of people related to different culture and Dutch is one of them. Even though people are not related to the Dutch culture still they admire the delicious and Mediterranean flavors of Dutch Cuisine. If we talk about Dutch cuisine the food which comes on the top of their menu list is the bread and the oily fish which is famous by the name of Herring.


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    Les Aliments Old Dutch provides their customer the variety of old traditional food along with lovely collection of aged wine. You can definitely plan out a dinner with you family or friends in this lovely restaurants.


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    Cuisine Caraïbe Delite, is famous for its spicy food but their Dutch food menu cannot be ignored on any level. You will be served with varieties of sauces along with you meal.



    Cuisine Caraibe delite Montreal Logo
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    Ogilvy, not only facilitates their customer with delicious Dutch cuisine but they also have a boutique and a departmental store.


    Ogilvy restaurant Montreal Logo
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    Restaurant Garde-Manger, you can easily make your online reservation from their official website. Besides that you can also check the delicious Dutch menu.


    Restaurant Garde-Manger
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    Le Petit Munich, ‎ provides a casual environment along with yummy food. Other cuisines are also available at Le Petit Munich along with Dutch.

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    Montreal Pool Room, is a small restaurant situated in the Boulevard Saint- Laurent Montreal. Whether its breakfast dinner, lunch or any other ordinary meal you will be served with delicious variety of Dutch food.

    Montreal Pool room logo
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    Restaurant Bâton Rouge, along with other cuisines serves Dutch food as well, but the best part of this restaurant is that they keep in mind the level of nutrients.


    Restaurant Bâton Rouge

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