Best Clubs for Valentine’s Night Out in Montreal

Valentine’s Day is a magnificent day that is celebrated with full sparkle and vitality around the world. On this special day, everybody tries to express his/her profound feelings as resplendently as he can. Whether it is a made-up holiday or a significant ritual of love, Valentine’s Day means different things to different individuals. Some people go to cinemas, restaurants and clubs while other exchange precious gifts, chocolates and flowers. When it comes to choices, Montreal is a place to make you swoon, and you will find wide range of night clubs in the city.


  • 1

    Club 1234 is the perfect place to enjoy your valentine night with more thrill and ecstasy. Just get a round and you will experience real fun and enjoyment over there.

  • 2

    Seven Night Club, if you are searching for something to make your valentine’s day more fun and entertaining, then this is one of the coolest places to visit.

  • 3

    IVY Nightclub presents a variety of fun activities and amusement for the couples specially on the day of valentine. It is a must go venue on the Valentine's Day.

  • 4

    Jello Martini Lounge is a real fun place, where you can spend quality time with your companion.

  • 5

    Balroom Bar presents high class food and joyous atmosphere for its customers. It’s for sure that you will enjoy your valentine’s day with your beloved.

  • 6

    Les Foufounes Électriques is a multi-story structure with 3 dance floors. You can have a lot of joyous moments while visiting this bar with your affectionate.

  • 7

    Light Ultraclub is a unique bar that organize some great events on Valentine's Day. So if you actually want to delight your buddy, head out to Light Ultraclub.

  • 8

    Club Unity Montreal presents delicious cuisines and joyous environment. In addition, you will enjoy live performances and rocking background music.

  • 9

    Club La Boom Montreal arrange musical parties specially on the Valentine's day to make the more colorful and enjoyable.

  • 10

    Circus after Hours is a venue whose ourteous staff gives the best service to make your visit memorable.

  • 11

    House of Jazz is venue which is greatly recommended for the day of valentine. You can head to this club with your affectionate to get more fun.

  • 12

    Stereo Night Club presents unique opportunity of enjoyment and amusement for the couples on the day of valentine to make their time more entertaining.

  • 13

    Pure Nightclub is the night club to visit and enjoy an exotic drink with your beloved and friends, also you can come and celebrate special occasions like valentine’s day.

  • 14

    Sky Pub Club is a night club of actual fun and entertaining moments on the day of valentine’s, if you visit this place alone or with your buddy you can have so much of fun there.

  • 15

    Club Electric Avenue provide exclusive environment specially on the valentine's day to make the day more exciting and thrilling.

  • 16

    Tokyo Bar presents quality food service and friendly atmosphere for the couples on the Valentine's day. You can surely enjoy your valentine’s day here with your beloved.

  • 17

    Bains Douches is an ideal place for parties, where one get the real fun of dance floors and flavorsome food.

  • 18

    Radio Lounge presents so much of attraction for the visitors especially on the day of valentine. You are highly recommended to head for this place on Valentine’s Day.

  • 19

    Corporate Events Montreal - Time Supper Club offers magnificent service, quality food and refreshing cocktails with the DJ rocking down the floors of the club.

  • 20

    Bar Downtown is a place for a warm sensation, sometimes hot, exciting performances for its visitors, you must visit and see the thrilling items at the Bar Downtown.

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