Best Greek Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal being the second largest city of Canada possesses huge number of population which involves people from different cultures along with Greeks. Besides other aspect Greeks have earned great sum of eminence due to their delicious food and unique recipes. There are several Greek restaurants in Montreal who are not only serving the traditional cuisine but with the help of their talent the chefs have created many modern recipes as well.

Few restaurants have managed to provide a complete Greece environment so that their customers can have a pure feel of the delicious food. If you are looking for the perfect restaurant in Montreal that serves Greek food, simply scroll down as we have managed to make a list of all the best Greek restaurants in that area. You just have to pick the one which you like the most.


  • 1

    Trinity Estiatorio, is a beautiful restaurant which along with other cuisines serves Greek food as well. In next to no time this extravagant place has not only attracted people towards itself with the help of its comfy environment and décor, but with its yummy Greek cuisine as well.


    Trinity Estiatorio
  • 2

    Marathon Souvlaki Restaurant, are in the business of food since 25 years. With time they have developed a lot, their expert chefs have created amazing magical flavors which are admired by many people.

    Marathon Souvlaki Restaurant
  • 3

    Marven's Restaurant is well known for its Greek salads and lovely dressings. The most delicious dishes in their menu are the rib steak, feta cheese, and obviously Greek salads.


  • 4

    Restaurant Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio, provides homemade recipes to their customers which originates from Greece. If you intend to spend a weekend in a cozy environment and enjoy the flavors of delicious Greek food then do consider this option.


    Marven's Restaurant
  • 5

    Le Jardin De Panos, is yet another tremendous place to dine in and enjoy the flavors of Geek food. You can also bring your own bottle of wine here if you wish to.


    Restaurant Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio
  • 6

    Molivos, along with amazing Greek cuisine this restaurant serves yummy sea food. Since 1980 Molivos Restaurant has maintained its delighted flavors. If you are in a mood to spend some time in Greece this place will help you in giving such an amazing feeling.

  • 7

    ()Milos Restaurant is well known for their Mediterranean cuisine blended with the flavors of Greek. You can easily go online and get your tables reserved.

  • 8

    Tasso Bar à Mezze, will provide you modern Greek cuisine flavors which you have never experienced before. Though they have traditional variety as well, still the magic of Modern Greek food flavor cannot be ignored.

    Tasso Bar à Mezze
  • 9

    Elounda is famous for its Greek sea food. If you are a big fan of Mediterranean cuisine then do visit this place in order to experience there extraordinary dine in facilities.

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