Fitness Centres in Montreal

Given the fast pace of life today, maintaining physical fitness is not as easy as it used to be. People are caught up with different stuff and that is why the popularity of fitness centres went up. These centres focus on time intensive training with proper instructions and guidelines so that results are fast and noticeable.

The fitness scene in Montreal has something for everyone, regardless of budget and preference for activity. The fitness centres range from those which follow latest trends in group exercises to those that focus on calm, low impact, mental and physical exercises such as ‘’tai chi’’. If you have been putting off your fitness program for long, now is the time to take action. Keep on reading to find out about the best fitness centres in Montreal and join one today!


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    Classical Stretch

    ‘’Miranda Esmonde White’’ is Montreal’s stretch and muscle coach, whose programs have helped breast cancer survivors recover the movement of their arms which they had once lost. Renowned Olympic heroes refer to Miranda for helping them in improving their performance, such as ‘’Alexandre Despatie’’. And the best part is? You can practice every day, for free!

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    Gym du Plateau

    The culmination of an attempt from Cirque du Soleil/Reebok to make exercises a lot entertaining for women, Jukari promises a ‘’smile while you're sweating’’ routine. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil's techniques, apparently Jukari makes you feel like you're flying like a free bird.

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    Cepsum Stadium

    Muscular endurance and strength (especially in the upper body), and greater flexibility are just some of the benefits offered by rock climbing. Top Montreal climbing facilities include Horizon Roc and Allez-Up.

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    Taz Roulodôme & Skate Park

    Online Skating courses for adults are offered at one end of Montreal, at the Le Taz sports center, complete with skateboarding, BMX, wave boarding and cycling with indoor speed skating and an inline skating arena.

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    Multihealing Center

    It's not just the body that needs a workout but the mind does too. The benefits of meditation are abundant and increasingly proven, so much so that a growing body of empirical research confirms the anecdotal evidence touting the positive impact of meditation to reduce stress, acting as a fountain of youth in the mind and body. Consider incorporating this ancient practice into your lifestyle with a little help. Figure out where you can attend a free session of guided meditation in Montreal.

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    Lian Yee Health Club: Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is practiced by millions of people in China and is more dominant than ever in the West as a form of low impact exercise as a technique for reducing tension for almost all people of every fitness level, including athletes, children, seniors and people who cannot participate in aerobic activity of moderate to severe.

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    Lululemon athletica Greene Ave

    Finding a yoga studio in Montreal is not particularly difficult. Finding a yoga studio in Montreal, offering free classes are another story and yes, they are far and few in between. But we toured the city and found a handful of gifts almost as well as a couple of very affordable options!

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