Best Places to Shop in Montreal

Montreal is known for being present in the list of world’s best shopping venues. You might end up having nil amounts in your account or you might get tiered but you will definitely not stop shopping once you enter any of the top shopping zones of Montreal. Usually the stores open at 9 in the morning till 9pm or 6pm, but due to huge sum of customers the shop’s owners also open their business on Sundays as well. Though there are loads of shopping venues in Montreal still few top ones have become the most attractive ones and people prefer visiting them instead of the other ordinary ones.


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    Usually in weekdays it becomes hard for people to go out for shopping mostly in day time due to office commitments which is why you have to make sure that if you are planning to go out for shopping what are the opening and closing timings of the venue. In Montreal most of the stores form Monday to Wednesday open at 9 am and their closing time is 6 pm, while on Thursday and Friday the stores close at 9 pm. On Sundays stores used to be close but now the owners open them till 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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    There are several best shopping areas in  Montreal, but few has gained a lot of eminences due to the availability of luxury shops, art galleries, departmental store and designer shops. Few top places to shop in Montreal are mentioned below which some way or the other different from each other are.

    Sofitel Montréal
    is present in the major shopping street of Montreal the Rue Sherbrooke Quest. This hotel is located in the heart of the Golden Square Mile. Besides being a hotel there are several facilities related to shopping is available here which grabs the lime light from rest of the shopping venues.
    Address: 1155 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC H3A 2N3, Canada, View Map
    Contact: +1 514 285 9000
    Visit: Sofitel Montreal Website

    Promenades Cathédrale
    , is a top class huge shopping mall beneath the Christ Church Cathedral. All sorts of facilities are available here starting from shops, restaurants and spas, which will help in giving you a fashionable and stylish shopping experience.
    Address: 625 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montreal, QC H3B 1B7, Canada, View Map
    +1 514 845 8230 ext. 215
    Visit: Promenades Cathédrale Website

    Place Ville Marie
    , is one of the famous shopping venue of Montreal and it is known by the name of PVM. In this complex you will find approximately 80 boutiques along with several restaurants.
    Address: 4 Place Ville Marie, Montréal, Québec H3B 2E7, Canada, View Map
    : +1 514 861 9393
    Visit: Place Ville Marie Website

    Marché Bonsecours,
    is situated in the old Montreal area and it was created in 1847. Under one roof you will be able to shop anything whether it is related to fashion, arts and crafts or eating. They also organize different exhibitions with free admission fees.
    Address: 350 Rue Saint Paul Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1H2, Canada, View Map
    : +1 514 872 7730
    Visit: Marché Bonsecours Website

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    Before you plan to shop make a list of things which are in your mind and you wish to buy. This will make your job quite easy convenient and do not forget to keep in mind your actual and estimated budget.

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    Make sure you have an availability of transport especially if you plan to shop in late hours. Try hiring a cab if you do not have the facility of transport. The best choice would be to shop in day light so that you do not encounter any sort of transport issues.

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