Ways You Can Get to Boulevard Shopping Centre in Montreal

Montreal, although a beautiful city that has its own charm, has now morphed into a big attraction for its citizens and visitors alike because of the large number of shopping malls that have sprung up. Le Boulevard is one such mall that is considered one of the best shopping centres in Montreal, Canada, and attracts a huge shopping crowd. The mall was initially built in 1953 but went through a complete redesign in 1977, now hosting above 70 retail outlets in its heart. It houses various types of outlets, starting from automotive services, stationary, banks, to departmental stores, chemists and so on. This has resulted in attracting a large crowd from all walks of life, turning the mall into a lively, exciting place. If you’re planning to visit Le Boulevard shopping centre in Montreal, this step by step guide will walk you through the process to make your journey fun and easy!

Location: Pie IX et Jean Talon, Montréal, QC H1S 1J7, Canada


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    Use of public transport to reach Le Boulevard can be a good idea if you're a tourist and want to experience the Canadian life first hand! Buses numbered 355, 361 and 372, will drive you to the mall. These buses are timed to leave differently, so if you've missed one, you can easily catch another. If you are travelling on 355 Bus Rene-Levesque/de I’Hotel-de-Ville, it will drop you to Pie-IX/ Jean Talon from where you can walk to Le Boulevard centre Montréal, QC H1S 1J7.

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    Use a metro if you want to reach Le Boulevard Shopping Centre within 17 minutes. Just head to northeast on Rue Notre-Dame E from where a metro will take you to Boulevard Pie-IX.

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    Using a car will allow you to enjoy the city's sights at your own leisure whilst you are being driven to the  Le Boulevard Shopping Centre. Follow the route mentioned below;

    -  Rue Notre-Dame E/ Rue Gosford
    - Boulevard Pie-IX/ Rue Jean Talon E
    - Turn right after 89 m and again turn right the destination will be on the right.

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    Take a taxi and if you're lucky, the taxi driver will give you a tour guide of the city while driving to the mall. Amongst the many reliable taxi services that run the show in Montreal, Services De Taxi De Montreal (Les) stands in the first queue and will be available on a single call .

    Location: 1410, boul René-Lévesque O, Montréal, QC H3G 1T6, Canada View map
    Telephone: +1 514-846-0990 ‎

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