Night Shopping in Montreal

The city of Montreal is included in the list of best shopping places, because it has numerous markets and shopping centers which can easily attract shopaholics. Shopping in Montreal is so much admired that it is said that people will shop in Montreal until their feet will swell up and eye will cross. If we move back to history it is said that Montreal was famous for having a successful fur and leather trade business. More than 1700 shops are available to provide the shopping facilities, to not only the Montrealers but for the tourists as well. Usually most of the shops get closed during late hours but some are still open for the customers who wish to enjoy late night shopping or who due to day time commitments are not able to get their daily requirements or needs.


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    Make a list of things which are required or you wish to shop. Listing will make your shopping quite easy and you will not stuck yourself in the hassle of forgetting any necessary item or else you might need to revisit the mall or the market.

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    The first thing which you have to do before going out for shopping is to check your budget. Do you have enough money to spend or do you have to get them transected from the bank. If you are out of money then the first thing is to visit an ATM machine or keep your credit card along.

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    The next thing which has to be done is to make sure that your shopping list which you wish to buy will be found easily from the shops opened at night. There are few late night shops available in Montreal which will help you in finding all sorts of requirements.

    Old Montréal
    Address: 303 Notre-Dame Street East, Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y8, Canada, View Map
    Contact: +1 514 872 8702
    Visit: Old Montréal Website

    Holiday Inn Select Montreal Centre Ville Downtown
    Address: 99 Avenue Viger Ouest, Montréal, QC H2Z 1E9, Canada, View Map
    Contact: +1 514 878 9888
    Visit: Holiday Inn Select Montreal Centre Ville Downtown Website

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    There is another main problem which has to be solved in order to eliminate any sort of hassle in your shopping tour and that is the transport issue. Mostly you will face problems in order to avail a public transport but if you have your personal transport then you will not have to face any problem but if you do not have the availability of a transport then hire a cab or ask a friend who has a car to come along with you. If you wish to hire a cab then you can use the information mentioned below and avail the service.

    Association De Taxi Diamond De Montréal Ltée

    Address: 7294A, rue Lajeunesse, Montréal, QC H2R 2H4, Canada, View Map
    Contact: +1 514 273 1725
    Visit: ‎ Association De Taxi Diamond De Montréal Ltée Website

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