Call Centre Jobs in Montreal

The call centre industry has seen a boom in the past decade because of a high emphasis on customer/consumer support. Many organizations have now set up their own call centres where they offer 24/7 services to their clients, may it be in the telecom sector or the IT industry. This has given a chance to numerous people to not only start their careers but also flourish as far as their professional growth is concerned. The best part about a call centre is, depending on the project they are handling, a formal higher education is not required as long as you are fluent in a particular spoken language. This has, resultantly, given many people a bread earning opportunity. If you’re looking for a guide to call centre jobs in Montreal, this article will prove to be helpful.


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    Prepare Resume

    The first thing before going to any sphere of job hunting is to have a coherent and concise CV (Resume) that lists down your academic and professional achievements. This includes listing down your qualifications and previous work experience. The potential employers consider your CV as a window to gauge you as a person and a professional. Therefore, it is also advised to mention your strengths. Strictly speaking in the context of call centre employers, you may mention great inter-personal and communication skills, because this is what their basic requirement is.

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    Search for a call centre

    The next step is to look for a call centre job. This can be done through numerous ways. The easiest way is for you to look around in your social circle; because you might find someone who is either currently employed in the call centre industry or has previously worked there. They will guide you to the available call centres where you can drop your CV. References help, so try and find someone you know who is already working in the company.

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    Search in Newspaper

    You can skim through the job listings in newspapers. Many companies announce their vacancies in local/national and international newspapers. Find the ones in the call centre expertise whose criteria you think you meet.

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    Through Recruitment Agencies

    There are different recruitment agencies in Montreal which you can take advantage of. Either avail their online presence, if they have any, or visit their workplaces personally. They will help you to find a call centre job that you’re suited to. Following are a few websites of recruitment agencies working in/for Montreal.

    Hunt Personal provides services to all areas of professional expertise.

    Sirius Personnel provides employment opportunities in sales and marketing sector of Montreal, Quebec and the surrounding areas.

    Proforce specializes in recruitment for the Fashion Industry as well as the IT sector.

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    Search Online

    Besides these mediums which you can avail, there are online web portals where companies list their openings. You can sift through the vacancies announced and choose the ones that you think work in your favor. A few examples of such portals are:

    Indeed Website.
    Wowjobs Website.
    Job is Job Canada Website.

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    Ready for an Interview

    If you get a call for an interview after applying to the job postings, be at your best. Show your potential employer that you have the confidence, inter-personal and communication skills to serve the company and even help in taking it to new heights. Don’t sound too arrogant and/or pompous; neither should you be timid and extremely docile. Hold your head up high but remain within the ambit of courteousness.

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