Best Afghan Restaurants in Montreal

Afghan cuisine has established itself as having known to have a distinctive taste. This has resulted in an increase in demand for Afghani food. The fact that many Afghan’s have immigrated to other countries also adds up to the fact that there are more Afghan restaurants opening up in different localities. They are either run by locals of that particular state/country, who have hired Afghan cooks or individual Afghan entrepreneurs have set up their own eating outlets. Since this world is now a global village, if you are living in Montreal and would like to experiment with Afghan cuisine or you are an Afghani missing your home, visit the Afghan restaurants mentioned in this article to relish the cuisine.


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    Khyber Pass Cuisine Afghane provides healthy food products that are made from fresh ingredients, letting the natives enjoy the delicious Afghan cuisine.

    List of Afghan Restaurants in Montreal
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    Kabura Fine Cuisine Afghan has an array of Afghani food items to choose from so you can enjoy a taste of Afghan while sitting in the chill of Montreal.


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    Restaurant Tora Bora should not scare you off with its name. There will be no militants in the restaurant, albeit, it will have tender, juicy meat for you to sink your teeth in!

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    Le Cavalier Afghan offers authentic Afghani recipes cooked into delicious servings which make them irresistibly tempting.

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    Restaurant Kabul BBQ has a minimalistic ambiance but the food offered is delicious to say the least.

    Afghan Restaurants in Montreal
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    Ariana Afghan Restaurant promises well cooked and seasoned chicken, mutton and beef. The service is quick while the staff is friendly.

    Afghan Restaurants in Montreal

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