Best Bars in Montreal to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s always easy to start a relationship but the true essence of a relation is in maintaining it with love and care. It is very important in a relationship that people understand the likes, dislikes and expectations of each other. In this regard, Valentine’s Day is considered to be a day for cherishing one’s relationships. People usually convey messages and different kinds of gifts to make the special people in their lives realize how important they are. If you are in Montreal and want to spend your valentine’s day with your loved one enjoying wine, rum and other drinks in a bar, below is the list of bars in Montreal for your guidance.


  • 1

    Pub St Paul is a place of entertainment and excitement, where you can spend quality time and enjoy live performances from renowned bands.

  • 2

    Les Foufounes Électriques is a full fledged entertaining place and offers local ale and cosmopolitan drinks.

  • 3

    Bar St-Sulpice has an excellent menu including delicious food and drinks. Besides, it offers outdoor sitting for the visitors.

  • 4

    Mckibbin's Irish Pub offers 28 imported beers on tap and excellent cuisine served from noon till 3am. You can have great time with your beloved and friends.

  • 5

    Tokyo Bar presents high class food and friendly environment for its visitors. You can truly enjoy your valentine’s day with your partner.

  • 6

    La Distillerie has a outclass interior and welcoming atmosphere for its customers. It is the best place to spend your Valentine's Day.

  • 7

    McLean's Pub is an attractive venue for couples. You can make your Valentine's Day entertaining and memorable in this bar.

  • 8

    Suite 701 Restaurant – Lounge is another exciting place. Many youngsters prefer to visit this bar, especially on Valentine's Day.

  • 9

    Hurley's Irish Pub offers a wide range of beverages and exemplary services to its customers. They commonly arrange amazing parties, especially on Valentine's Day.

  • 10

    Pub Quartier Latin is known for its theaters, artistic atmosphere, cafes and boutiques. You can spend a memorable time in this pub on this special day.

  • 11

    Jello Martini Lounge is a well known bar in Montreal. It offers almost all kinds of wines and cocktails. It maintains high standards and a strong reputation by giving extraordinary services to its visitors.

  • 12

    2 Pierrots is an ideal place for the couples. It offers flavorsome food and exceptional services to its customers.

  • 13

    Bar Baloos organizes superb dance parties and live performances to entertain their guests.

  • 14

    Bar Le Confessionnal is a renowned party venue in Montreal. It offers beers and other drinks along with a tasty meal.

  • 15

    Le vieux the old Dublin pub & restaurant is a place of real fun and entertainment. You can have the best time in this club with your beloved and friends.

  • 16

    Sainte-Elisabeth (Le) is one of the finest and fun places in Montreal. It is highly recommended for spending your valentine’s day with your beloved.

  • 17

    Balroom Bar offers various amenities to its customers that include a dancing floor, drinks and excellent service.

  • 18

    House of Jazz provides great environment and outclass service. It offers electrifying environment for the youngsters.

  • 19

    Sky Pub Club maintains its good repute and is known as one of the best bars in Montreal.

  • 20

    Sir Winston Churchill Pub offers excellent cuisines and friendly environment, it is a must visit place for the people of Montreal.

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