Christmas Shopping Montreal Overview

Are you looking for a good place to shop in Montreal as Christmas is almost here? There are a lot of options for your Christmas shopping in Montreal. But come to face the reality, all of us work long tiring shifts. We dream about having a little time out with our kids and family. We fill up our hearts to ace out our exam seasons.

Then you have your holidays and you need to go shopping and having shopping pressure is the last thing you will need. These are common frustrations that all of us suffer from, and the sense of being powerless and inadequate they instill, this is what drove us to write this article for you with a list of Montreal’s shopping musts.


  • 1

    Annual Gem and Mineral Show

    This is the 52nd Annual show and sale of the semi precious artifact and gems. It will include 101 vendors in the same place. The prices are quite reasonable if you compare it with the market, particularly if you Dress cheap. May be you don’t know but a lot of dealers will scan you from head to toe to see your earning potential, shredding the pockets of the low-income earners that look great.

    Visit Gem and Mineral Show Website

    Location: Bonaventure center ball. View map.

    Entrance Fee:

    $6 for seniors
    $7 for adults
    $5 for students
    Free pass for children under 12

    When:  4thNovember 2011 till 6thNovember 2011.

  • 2

    Nutcracker Market

    Cosmetics from around the world, classical wine accessories to designer ready-made apparel. Make your mind for a top class Christmas shopping experience with cheap chic finds around. The event is organized by Les Grands ballets Canadiens de Montréal.

    Location: Palais Des Congrès 1001 Place Jean Paul Riopelle, Montréal View map

    Entrance fees:
    Entry is free for Kids under 12

    When: 24th of November 2011 till 4th December 2011.

  • 3

    Boutique Punkt Sous le Sapin

    This is a must see fair. The boutique punket holds some truly magnificent creations by the local artists. We Are actually impressed by T.O.M.A’s ability to design the mundane so impressive we mean the countertop protectors, vases and yet as the designer stuff. I mean the best this is that they are so affordable that they are in a broke college kids reach.

    Location: 5333 Avenue Casgrain Montréal, QC H2T 1X1, Youtheatre View map

    Visit Boutique Punkt Sous le Sapin Website

    Entrance fees
    Free for all

    When: November 27 2011 to December 23 in 2011, call (514) 458-7960 for details

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