Ways to Sell a House in Montreal

In Montreal (Canada) there is a minimum possibility that your house will stay within the Real Estate selling list for a period of more than 90 days. In today’s fast paced market, a lot of homeowners consider to sell their houses all alone. Why? Because they think selling without a real estate agent is going to save them that hefty 6% commission. If you own a house in Montreal you are lucky because when selling it off your average house will give you an easy worth of $157,000 to $547,000.

We have listed down all the ways through which you can sell a house in Montreal, Canada, and you will not have any trouble in doing so. Simply follow these steps and you are good to go.


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    Get yourself a real estate agent/broker. When hiring a Real estate agent/broker make sure that you are hiring him/her from the (CREA) Canadian Real Estate Association because they have a reputation to get the work done. You will also have a sense of relief that your agent/broker won’t run off with all your cash before the works done.

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    You will have to get your house listed in the MLS listings of Canada. The Canadian Real Estate Association owns The (MLS) and (REALTOR) trademarks.

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    Take pictures of your house from inside and outside try to take the pictures from all angles that will help to clear any doubt in the buyers mind upload those pictures to different websites that sponsor Real Estate selling’s e.g. Century 21 Canada, Homes point 2, Property sold.CA and Househunting.CA this will get you a lot of offers mainly from Buyers without any brokers on the other hand your Real estate agent can get you offers as well.

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    Make sure that your house is looking its best. Cut any over grown grass or shrubs that you have in front of your home be prepared when someone comes over to have a look at the house put in mind that what kind of a house would you buy. Only show your house by appointment this will give you time to do your homework.

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    Go through your given offers from buyers directly do not entertain any Brokers. Rejecting offers is not a wise decision even if the offers seem low in price negotiating can make a difference. Try to ask them what they want from a home. Avoid any offers that are high and want you to fix additional things in the house because it won’t be worth the hassle. You can consult your Estate agent to guide on which offer is suitable to your house by experience.

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    You will need to hire a lawyer to handle all the legalities of the deal. He will be there when you are closing the deal in order to correspond to you as the seller. Remember that you are solely responsible for selling out your house on your own. The lawyer will only help you in the legal aspect of the deal i.e. transferring the house on the buyer’s name, clearing the payments and putting up conditions to buy. Once all the paperwork is put forward and both parties agree to finalize the deal by signing the contract, a mode of payment is decided and the possession of the house is transferred to the buyer after receiving the Payment.

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