Ways to Get to Place Newman Montreal

Place Newman Montreal is a small shopping mall in Montreal. The mall is surrounded by residential area. You can take a walk around the mall and have a pleasant view of the location. The mall is developed on a single floor and has a large car parking area. Some schools near the Place Newman are Saint Lawrence Academy Senior, Saint Lawrence Academy Senior and Children’s world.

The Place Newman mall was built by Ivanhoe Corporation in 1971, which also built the Galeries Lachine in Lachine. Both malls were built and sold at the same. Rio Can bought the malls in September 2002 and since then ran the operations.

Address: Place Newman, Montréal, QC H3X 1E6, Canada. View map


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    By Car:

    Call any cab service that could pick you from your venue or you can hire a taxi by yourself. If you are driving your own car then you must get on the Autoroute Decarie and Boulevard Decarie. While driving on the Boulevard Decarie take a turn towards the Place Newman road and you will reach the destination. The other road that can lead you to the destination are Avenue Coolbrook which runs parallel to the boulevard but at the back side of the Place Newman. If you are arriving from the Avenue Van Horne then turn on the Avenue Coolbrook which will pass through the other end of the Place Newman. Cab will also take same routes to the destination as mentioned earlier.

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    By Bus:

    You can also take a bus ride to the Place Newman and have a pleasant view of the streets and malls that you will pass through to reach your desired destination. If you take bus route numbers 17, 161, 370 or 371 you will arrive at the bus stop Decarie/ Van Horne. This stop is situated on the intersection of Boulvard Decarie and Avenue Van Horne.

    If you are on bus route 161 then you can get off from the bus at the Van Horne/ Coolbrook stop which is closer to the Place Newman. However if you have taken other bus routes then you can take another bus or hire a cab from the Decarie/ Van Horne stop.

    Other than these two bus stops you can also arrive at the Plamondon/ Decarie bus stop which is situated at the crossing of Avenue Plamondon and Boulevard Decarie. Routes number 160 and 160E pass through this stop. From this stop you have to take cab to reach the Place Newman.

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    By Metro:

    The nearest metro stations to the Place Newman are Station Cote-Sainte-Catherine. The other station that is close to the Place Newman is Station Plamondon. Both stations are placed on the Avneue Victoria that lies across the Boulevard Decarie. The third is Station Namur which is little further that other two. From all these stations you will have to hire a cab or take a bus to reach the Place Newman.

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