24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal

Restaurants are a great indulgence not only to satiate one’s appetite but also to take respite in their soothing cocoon after a tiring day. Some people frequent them with families and others go with friends. But unfortunately, not many restaurants stay open late at night or 24 hours a day. So if somebody wants to visit a good-quality restaurant late night, they don’t know the right place to go to. If you live in Montreal and work late and need to grab something to eat on your way back and/or merely wish to go to a restaurant with your friends/family any time out of the 24 hours available in a day, this article will help and list 24 hours open restaurants in Montreal.


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    Miami Deli is being run by a family since more than a decade, offering healthy home-cooked food in a comfortable environment and cushy seating arrangements.


    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    La Banquise Resto was originally an ice cream parlour in 1968 but now it has an appetizing menu that adds to the hunger of the crowd thronging this sweet little place.

    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    Gibeau Orange Julep is a roadside snack bar but has a very interesting outlook in the shape of a huge orange. They have now also started their own orange beverage.

    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    St-Viateur Bagel is a traditional bagel bakery that serves over 12000 of them every day, reflecting the their success.

    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    Le Club Sandwich is not known for its food or service but with a growling stomach, any place where you can eat is a good place, right? Do pay them a visit.



    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    Fairmount Bagel has been competing with its neighbor bakery for over a few decades and people are still indecisive about which offers better food. It is open 24 hours a day so you can check it out any time of the day.



    List of 24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    Presse Café offers great food and a quiet ambiance where you can relax and unwind. What’s better? Take your books and study while sitting there and munching on some of their delectable food products.



    24 hours open restaurant in montreal
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    Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne has hamburgers, desserts and shakes on the menu that you will find hard to resist in the chilly nights of Montreal.

    list of 24 hour open restaurants in Montreal
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    Angela Pizzeria & Restaurant will have your pizza cravings satisfied even at 4 in the morning, because of their 24 hour open policy.

    24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal
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    Dunns Famous Steakhouse Delicatessen was founded as far back as in 1927 and through constant refinement of the recipes and quality, this place has started attracting quite a crowd now.

    24 Hour Open Restaurants in Montreal

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