Things to do on New Year Day in Montreal

Montreal is among those cities in the world where the New Year’s celebrations start with the Christmas and it continues till the mid of January. The people of Montreal always excited and waiting to give a warm welcome to New Year after Christmas. The beginning of another year is just around the corner and everybody in Montreal is planning to celebrate another New Years with great enthusiasm. If you are still looking for a plan for January 1st, our list of things to do on the New Year’s Day will help you plan your celebration.


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    Atrium Indoor Skating, after New Year’s Eve celebration, one of the best things to on the day is to take your family or friends to the Antrium Le 1000 indoor skating. Antrium is the best indoor skating place in Montreal where your kids will have a wonderful time.

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    Kazoom Café, one of the busiest places in Montreal on the New Year’s Day is Kazoom Café where which is a famous family entertainment centre. Take your family to Kazoom Café for indoor games and fun. The place also serves great meals.

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    Visit Ecomuseum Zoo, on the New Year ’s Day, one of the best things to do is to take your family to Ecomuseum Zoo or go there with your friends. Enjoy the beauty of the places and explore about all kinds of animals.

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    Picnic at, on New Year’s Day, plan a picnic at the Montreal Botanical Garden. The lush green fields and beautiful scenery of the place will make your fresh from the inside just like a new year.

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    Party in a restaurant, another way to celebrate New Year’s Day is to book a restaurant in London by gathering family and friend members. The booking to a restaurant can easily be done over the phone a day before. Here is a list of some famous restaurants in Montreal.

    Fabergé Restaurant

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    Party at Home, in order to save some money, an easy way to celebrate Christmas Day is to call your family and friends over at your house. Spend the whole day together and welcome the beginning of a new year.

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    Head to a movie theatre, a fun way to spend New Year’s Day is to watch a movie on the big screen. Take your family or friends along with you to a movie theatre in the city and enjoy.

    Three best cinemas in Montreal are listed below.

    Cinema du Parc

    AMC Forum 22

    Centaur Theatre

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