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Located in the close proximity of Dibba Rock, Freestyle Divers consists of a dedicated and enthusiastic team. The mission of the company is to entertain everyone from beginner to professional by offering variety of diving courses. Freestyle Divers makes sure that everyone participating in their courses and trips gets proper guidance and full attention. Moreover, their experts are PADI certified and strictly follow its standards. Apart from that, it offers the highest quality and friendly customer services to all its customers.  Courses and trips are completely insured while providing fun and entertainment at the same time. Read this informative article to get more information regarding Freestyle Divers.

Contact: +971 9 244 5756

Visit: Freestyle Divers website


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    Products & Services

    Freestyle Divers offers variety of services to their clients. Some of them are given below:

    Top quality and high standard equipment is provided to the divers. You can take advantage of state of art diving equipment that can give you an excellent diving experience. Take your friends and family member for a variety of diving courses and trips.

    Expert and professional staff is always available for the guidance of the visitors. Having professionally trained staff makes all the different if you want a good diving experience. Especially if you are a beginner, then having trained professional staff for guidance is crucial. Also, for safety reasons, it is always a good idea to have professional staff on standby.

    Camping to various locations is also offered which you and your friends or family members can take advantage of. You will definitely have a great time camping and going on various diving trips to different locations.

    Trips to exciting locations like desert safari are organised on request. If you have any type of special request or location that you would like to visit with friends then Freestyle Divers can handle everything for you. They have professionally trained staff that understands your needs and can get the job done.

    Online courses on PADI are also offered to the customers. If you want to become a certified diver then Freestyle Divers can help you. They have the best staff that is professional and certified to help you get your certification as well.

    Huge parking facility is availability for the convenience of the visitors. Freestyle Divers has excellent facilities for their customers and always takes care of them. You will find a whole host of excellent facilities that you can avail.

    Dive shop is available which offers some high tech diving gear. You will definitely find what you are looking for. No matter what you need for a pleasant diving experience, Freestyle Divers has everything you need.

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    Operational hours of Freestyle Divers

    To get information about operational hour of Freestyle Divers, you need to call the contact number mentioned above.

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    Location of Freestyle Divers

    Sheikh Zayed Road near Khor Fakkan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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    How to get to Freestyle Divers

    Since there is no metro station or bus station in the close proximity of Freestyle Divers, so a visitor to this location has to hire a cab or rent a car in order to reach there.

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