Fun Vegetables to Plant with Kids

If you want your children to develop a sense of responsibility, achievement and self esteem then what else can be better than to engage them in gardening. You can entice your kids to add more vegetables into their diet by letting them grow a garden.

Children become more patient, caring and loving while waiting for plants to grow, checking water in the pots and then watching them yield good production. Moreover, spending time in the garden will improve your child’s physical and mental health remarkably.

You can make this exercise more interesting, even a learning process, by allowing your kids to paint and decorate containers for their plants. Grow colourful vegetables as it will leave a pleasant effect on your children. You may go for a themed garden like if your kid likes a specific colour, only that colour will dominate the garden.

Similarly, you can also make it more pleasing for eyes by picking a rainbow theme. For that, you will have to plant all the vegetables from left to right in all seven colours. This will help your kid to categorise different things.

Now there comes an important question that what are the names of fast growing vegetables that are less demanding as well.


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    Onions are the most easy to grow crop as it hardly needs any intention and it will prove a bean job for children to take care of this vegetable. You better go with onion sets as it will be easier for young farmers to handle them as compare to seeds. Moreover, they will take less time to grow and ultimately need less maintenance.

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    Cucumbers also belong to the family of those vegetables that sprout fast and demand less effort. However, you will have to take care of the temperature as this delicate plant does wonders in bit cooler environment. For that, you can plant cucumbers in greenhouse.

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    Tomatoes are also dead easy to plant and they are well worth growing just for the interest of your kids. Once they are planted, all you need is to provide some frame to support its vine.

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    Snap peas can be grown in the same way as tomatoes. Their big seeds are easy to handle and they start giving results in 8 to 10 weeks. While harvesting, guide your kids to pluck the pea pod as they might uproot the vine.

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    Pumpkin is a mild and bit sweet vegetable which is as easy to grow as turning your hand over. You can make it more fun for your kids by carving their names on it.  To grow this vegetable, plant couple of seeds in the soil and give water properly. Within two or three months, your kids will be able to pick fresh pumpkins for your kitchen.

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