How to Get Over Shyness at Work

So you just got your first job and are excited about joining that big company you always wanted but there is just one problem – you feel shy. Shyness can be a big issue, especially when it comes to your career and profession, because it is not only going to prevent you from being yourself, but will also impact your performance and appearance in general, both of which have a bearing on your progress. However, even if you are extremely shy, worry not, because we are here to help you get over it!


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    Firstly, you need to realize when and in front of whom you feel shy. Is it your boss? Is it a specific person or a colleague or are you just shy in general? Clarifying this is very important if you want to get over your problem. Just sit down for a while and think about the last few times you felt shy and try to figure out the reason behind it. Most people feel shy because they are either concerned about what others will think of them or they feel apprehensive about their own appearance. While both are valid concerns, they can be solved easily.

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    You need to work on your self-confidence, and that can be done in many ways. If you feel you are concerned about your appearance, try a haircut, shave your beard, use a different lipstick or go for clothes shopping. However, when you are working on your appearance, remember that you don’t want to seem to desperate and need to avoid overdoing the whole thing. When buying clothes, be sure to buy good quality formal items that go with the atmosphere at your workplace.

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    If you are concerned about your speech, or how you will address your boss or a group of your colleagues, you need to start practicing in front of the mirror. Believe it or not, listening to yourself talk and working on your speech in this manner is a very effective way of gaining confidence and removing any flaws in your accent. Just look at yourself in the mirror and try saying things you would normally be expected to say at the work place. If you practice long enough, you will start feeling comfortable on your own.

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    Another good idea to work on your shyness is to work on your people dealing skills. You just need to remember a few things and work on them. Firstly, you need to be sure about your own work and capabilities. You are hired for a reason and your work and skills speak for themselves. Secondly, you need to make appropriate eye contact when talking to others so you don’t come across as a shy person. Thirdly, you should aim at talking less and listening more. Not only will this prevent any embarrassing situations or blunders but will also work towards creating a good image.

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