Greenwich Park London

Due to its historical background, Greenwich is still recognized as a former hunting park even though it is now being used for several other activities. With a cover area of 74 hectares, this green space is located in the southeast zone of London city. Form this beautiful park, you can acquire an amazing view of River Thames along with St Paul’s Cathedral and Isle of Dogs. Through a rough estimation, the geographical structure of the park is rectangular and (1000 x 770) meters. Royal Parks are responsible for managing this green space. Greenwich is also famous for being the home of red deer, birds and fox.


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    Since the Roman times, Greenwich Park has acquired massive amount of prominence. If we take a peek into the history, it is known that the park also had royal association because brothers of Henry V really admired this place.

    When Henry VI was in reign, he gave this 200 acre area to the Duke of Gloucester - Humphrey - who was also his uncle. Humphrey built a small castle and a house on the gifted space. The park was later transformed into a deer hunting location. In the 17th century, André Le Nôtre landscaped the park while in the 18th century, general public was allowed to enter for the first time.

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    Things to do at Greenwich Park:

    The management of Greenwich has introduced many facilities which can help you spend some time with family and friends.

    Play Ground is constructed within the park containing a sand pit and uncountable play equipment.

    Boating Lake will give you a chance to enjoy an hour's trip on a pedal or rowing boat.

    Wilderness Deer Park is an enclosed area prepared for the Red and Fallow deers along with foxes, bats and birds. This will give people an opportunity to see wildlife very closely.

    Bandstand was installed in the year 1891 and is now used for concerts held in summer evenings.

    Tennis Court available in Greenwich Park will allow visitors to play as well as have coaching lessons.

    Flower Lake is known as a home for ducks and several birds.

    Rose Garden will make you familiar with various types of roses which are flowered here.

    In the Olympics 2012, Greenwich Park is honored to play its role as a venue of equestrian events.

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    Nearest Attractions:

    This park is covering a huge distance due to which there are several sites within the premises as well as beyond the boundaries.

    Sites in the Park

    - Pavilion Tea House
    - Refreshment point is present on four locations in the park.
    - The Spread Eagle Restaurant

    Sites outside the Park:

    - National Maritime Museum
    - Taperia Restaurant

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    Operational Hours:

    The park opens at 6:00 am and closes at dusk for pedestrians, whereas traffic is allowed to enter after 7:00 am.

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    Charlton Way, Greenwich, London SE10 8QY, United Kingdom.

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    How to Get There:

    By Pier:

    Starting from Elverson Road,‎ where pier service is available, till the Greenwich park, 1.1 miles distance has to be covered.  Start your walk in the south east direction on Conington Rd. After covering 714 feet on Conington Rd and 0.3 miles on the Modern Hill, take a left turn onto Dartmouth Row. Cover 0.2 miles distance more and then turn right onto Blackheath Hill/A2 in order to cover 0.4 miles more. Cross the roundabout and you will reach Greenwich Park. The Pedestrian Path will help you in taking a look at the detailed map.

    By Bus:

    Greenwich Park (Stop S)‎ is the nearest bus stop. You will have to take route number 53 from the Plumstead bus station. To get to the park, Head southwest on Charlton Way/B210 towards Shooters Hill Rd/A2 and you will spot the park.

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