List of Art And Craft Shops in London

Art and craft are fun way for us to get creative and it plays a vital role in human evolution and development. Art focuses ideas, feelings, and visual qualities while craft emphasises the right use of tools and materials. When both of them combine in the basic human drive, they shape the world. Art and craft consist of textiles, wood, metal, clay, glass, plants, paper, canvas, plastic, pioneering, polymer clay, stained glass, toy making, doll making, lapidary, mosaics, beadwork, egg decorating, etching, balloon animal, miniatures and many more.

When it comes to buying art materials in London, following step-by-step listing of Art and Craft Shops will make it easy for you to contact art specialists:


  • 1

    London Graphic Centre

    London Graphic Centre was established 1973 and is now the leading supplier of art and craft materials in United Kingdom. They offer special 15 percent discount for the students. In case of bulk ordering, you will get discounts for even better value for money.

  • 2

    Cass Art

    Cass Art has been serving fine artists and artisans. It is one among the largest creative art material supplier in the world. They offer you best quality materials and top brands at very reasonable price. They have four more stores within London with a huge variety of 20,000 products, specially designed to attract and inspire you.

  • 3

    Cowling & Wilcox Ltd
    Cowling & Wilcox Ltd is at the forefront of art since its establishment, bringing you new and exotic materials from all over the world. They have recently added Digital Supplies and Quality Designer Stationery to their range. They offer discounts on special occasion to make their customers realise they are their key to success.

  • 4

    London Bead Shop

    London Bead Shop offers you a wide range of multi-colour beads and embroidery-threads. Fire your artistry and get ingenious with wide array of beads with London Bead Shop’s unbeatable prices.

  • 5

    L. Cornelissen & Son

    L. Cornelissen & Son is an art shop, which specialises in pigment gums, resins, canvas and other art related materials. At L. Cornelissen & Son, not only do they have a large range of art equipments, findings and tools, they also have special offers, discounts and wholesale prices available to suit everyone in the art and craft world. Enjoy shopping with L. Cornelissen & Son.

  • 6

    The Southbank Art Company

    The Southbank Art Company an independent conservation picture framer and a leading artist supply store in London. Opening their doors 30 years back, the Southbank Art Company has supplied the art tools for inspiration for many student artists, as well as professionals. The company has been incubating and nurturing art and artists in London by offering sound advice. Their employees are well-trained artists with complete knowledge of their field.

  • 7

    Atlantis Art Materials

    Atlantis Art Materials is probably Europe’s largest fine art material store, offering online ordering facility. They will be soon opening an online store. They provide their huge number of customers with whatever they want and need. Atlantis Art Materials offer discounts on their variety of products.

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