Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the specific day of a year that is dedicated to the lovers and is considered as the second largest retailing event of the year. Although it an occasion to express your love, care, and concern towards your special ones but at the same time it, a great opportunity for business minded people to earn a huge profit with innovative marketing ideas. Especially the small businesses and freelancers can take great advantage of this event. Follow the given below guide for Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas to attract more and more customers:


  • 1

    Email Marketing

    You can send emails to different customers especially the couples, describing the different unique services and products that you offering by keeping the demands of the occasion in mind.

  • 2

    WOM Marketing

    WOM aka Word of Mouth marketing play a vital role in the publicity of your services or products. Your family members, friends, colleagues and other associated people can let other people know about your business. Social gatherings are right occasions to discuss your business.

  • 3

    Offer special deals

    As Valentines’ Day takes place once in a year, therefore you should offer some special deals for your customers. This idea will definitely work attract huge number of customers.

  • 4

    Send cards

    Send cards to target customers on different occasions like their birthdays, New Year etc to create long-term relationship with them.

  • 5

    Get in the Spirit

    You can decorate the front and internal area of your shop or office according to the occasion. Red, white and pink are considered as Valentine’s Day colours but you can also add multi colours. You can ask the internal and external decorators to decorate your business site with innovative ideas.

  • 6

    Flyers and brochure

    Design brochures and flyers and distribute them among different segments of customers. It is an easy way to reach huge number of customers in short period of time. The colours used in your flyers and brochures must represent Valentine’s Day.

  • 7

    Facebook and twitter

    Facebook and twitter are the biggest social network with millions of users. You can take advantage of them utilize them to promote your business. You can give an ad on Facebook or twitter. In case if you cannot afford it, create an event or a page on facebook and share it to as much people as you can. On the other hand, you can also promote your business by using trending hash tags on twitter.

  • 8

    Print Media

    You can give an ad on local newspapers. Do not forget to give your proper contact information at the end of your ad so that customers can contact you for your products or services.

  • 9

    Your website

    Design a website for your business, advertising your Valentine's Day offers or deals. Change the colour of your website contents according to the occasion. You can add special section for Valentine’s Day.

  • 10


    Design a panaflex for your business, highlighting the special offers or deals. You can hire the billboards from first to 14th of February in order to avoid additional charges. Make sure that the billboards are located in such sites, which are clearly visible to large number of customers.

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