Valentine’s Dramatic Play Activities for Toddlers

Valentine’s Day is equally special for kids as they also want to share their love to others. However, you will have to help them as they are too young to plan something really special. It does not mean that you just provide some ready-made stuff rather you should plan an activity which can give them a sense of achievement.

Dramatic play activities can be a really great idea to engage them in a constructive movement. They will not only enjoy their Valentine’s day but also learn something. Encourage your kids to create more dramatic play activities.


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    Valentine’s Day cakes and cookies:

    Let your kids bake special cup cakes and cookies on Valentine’s Day. Don’t get amazed as it will be just an exercise with putty cut outs and baking trays. Provide them other non-breakable items and ingredients. They will really enjoy making these cup cakes and cookies for the dear ones.

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    Valentine’s Day mail service:

    You can encourage them to make special cards. Just give them a designed paper and direct them to colour these cards. They can use stickers and flowers to decorate these cards. Then ask them to write whatever they want in the card and seal it in an envelope. Tell them to write the name of their addressee and deliver it personally.

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    A craft fair:

    Provide them the space where they can organise a craft fair. Give them a free hand to make anything and put it on display in Valentine’s Day craft fair. You may act like customers and purchase these things to appreciate them. Another way to encourage them is to arrange a barter system. Invite other kids and motivate them to exchange these handmade gifts.

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    Organising a puppet show is another good idea to engage your toddlers in a creative activity. You may provide them ready-made puppets or encourage them to make their own puppets if they are old enough. Suggest them a couple of themes and motivate them to create a story based puppet show related to Valentine’s Day.

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    If they are inclined to perform on the stage then you can give them a story and encourage them for theatrical presentation. Help them in creating scenery and doing rehearsals for the skit. It will be really fascinating for them as lots of colourful things are involved in a Valentine’s Day special skit.

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