Valentine’s Menu Ideas

People around the world who are somehow familiar with the Valentine’s Day think of it as a day to express your love feelings for someone. This is very much true that if you want to express love for someone, Valentine’s Day is ideal for this. It is not only romance that Valentine’s Day is known for but it has a lot to do with some nice tasty food prepared for the celebrations. Although it happens to be only dinner that people associate with Valentine’s Day celebrations but you can enjoy some tasty stuff in lunch as well as breakfast as a special Valentine Day menu.


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    Kick off your Valentine’s Day with some sweetish stuff, like some sweet fruits instead of the conventional milk chocolate. The fruits can be used as topping for pancakes or waffles and crepes be filled with fruit and sweetened cream cheese.  The eggs can be sweetened on Valentine’s Day by mixing some eggs with crushed vanilla wafers using strawberries as toppings for baked eggs.

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    Have some small snacks made of sweet and salty items for lunch or as appetizers while going to enjoy the Valentine's Day dinner at its best. There can be some fried shrimp with some coconut sweetness and some spicy stuffed mushrooms so as to add up more to the tasty meal. Some Italian seasoning and crushed Ritz crackers can be used in combination with stuffing that contains jalapeno peppers instead of red or green peppers.

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    Dinner Entrees

    A filling dish like a pasta dish made with shrimp, tomatoes, pasta and melted cream cheese can prove to be the best for your Valentine's Day dinner.

    A stuffed chicken breast dish can be considered as something lighter, stuffed with vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, onions and peppers. You can add some stuffing to the chicken breasts to mingle all the items together.

    For the beef lovers, there can be beef tenderloin steaks in combination with risotto containing some cheese and vegetables such as a New York strip steak, or a filet mignon.

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    Valentine’s Day is normally signified with red colors all around. Hence the drinks can b mixed with red color like Punch from red fruits such as raspberry, cranberry or red grape. You can also use alcohol mixed with fresh fruits like cranberry or pomegranate.

    Keeping in view that it is quite cold on the Valentine’s Day in some parts of the world so you can have a hot after-dinner beverage. That may be some hot chocolate with cinnamon so as to fuel up the joy after meal. Besides, you can also dilute some coffee with Kahlua liqueur.

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    A Valentine’s Day dinner is not quite complete without a relishing a tasty dessert. A dessert should me made in a way that allows you to share some time with your lover. A fire place is ideal for this but you may use Sterno as a substitute for preparing s’mores. Roasting marshmallows over the flame and putting one on a graham cracker. Add Chocolate Square along with another graham cracker for simple topping of a lovely dessert for Valentine's Day.

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