6 Reasons to Remain Single this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already here and you are probably without a date. While several people are craving for one, there are tonnes of reasons why you should remain single. It’s not always good to be with someone on the 14th of February. You can always make your single life work in a positive manner. You should not feel depressed that no one likes you; in fact, it might just be for the better.

Here is a list of reasons why you should be single on this Valentine’s Day. Don’t feel like you are alone. In fact, you should let others know that you are happy being single and it has been working out quite well for you.


  • 1

    Save Money

    You are saving tonnes of money with all the less buying, less going out and less spending time with your special someone. If you are single, feel lucky. Ask your friends who are about to buy expensive gifts for their certain someone.

    saving money
  • 2

    No Arguments

    This Valentine’s Day, you are not going to be involved in any arguments. You know how your partner gets argumentative about the small things in life? Well, say goodbye to those arguments now.

  • 3

    You watch what you want

    The biggest problem which couples face is when they are planning to watch a movie. The guy would want something different while girls mostly opt for love stories. Time to change things round now; if you are single, you get to watch what you like.

    watching movie alone
  • 4

    More time with Friends

    Like it or not but you simply love spending time with your friends and you should cherish that fact. If you don’t have a date on this Valentine’s Day, you can always go out and have fun with your friends. It’s about spreading love and it doesn’t only mean a special someone.

  • 5

    No Jealousy Issues

    If you are an individual who believes in flirting, being single on this Valentine’s Day is the perfect thing for you. Why? You can flirt all you want with no one being jealous of you. Could it get any better than this?

  • 6

    No Extra Family to Shop for

    Even if you are willing to spend money on your significant other, you simply don’t want to spend your time trying to shop for her family members. It’s boring, difficult and extremely time-consuming. Your single life this Valentine’s Day is going to help you get rid of this problem as well.

    tired of shopping

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